Targeted Alternatives Group invests in closely held, mature, regional businesses where it can assist owners in management succession transitions or growth strategy execution.  We are interested in basic businesses with sales up to $100,000,000 per year with a well-defined, focused product strategy and capable second tier management.  In addition to our capital investments, we provide assistance with ERP/Data System upgrades, development of internal and process controls and procedures, facilities rehab and upgrades, and strategic planning for capital preservation and growth.


We prefer to partner with owners and key management rather than buy companies outright.  A company is a reflection of its owner's values, capabilities, and reputation.  We want to build on those company gems.  Maybe owners have been wanting a state of the art ERP data system, upgraded facilities, or help in training and retaining the best people.  When we work together, wonderful things can happen.

Succession Planning

We work with our management partners to identify those with the potential to assume greater responsibility in the organization, provide critical development experiences to those that can move into key roles, and engage the leadership in supporting the development of high-potential leaders.  The rewards are improved employee commitment and retention, existing employees see career development expectations being met, and we reduce the difficulty and costs of recruiting externally.

Strategic growth

We and our company management partners work intensely to uncover opportunities to expand markets and adopt innovative productivity and cost containment tools, but that is only the beginning.  Our management partners gain top to bottom alignment by listening and engaging the entire staff in key conversations about why and how we want to grow our business.  When growth makes sense, and the team is truly aligned around a strategic plan, the organization is revitalized.